If you're losing too many members each year, or perhaps just treading water, you're not alone. Many membership organisations are suffering a steady and in some cases rapid loss in the face of economic and competitive pressures. Yet they typically continue spending money on recruiting new members even while they're haemorrhaging existing members. This simply doesn't make sense. Retention really matters, and it's a key driver of growth.

Most organisations we see still have the same subscription model they've had for years. It boils down to a 'We know what you want – now pay us some money each year' culture. This is usually based on a lengthy catalogue of benefits in return for a set fee. But this is rapidly becoming an outdated way of doing things and could in fact be sabotaging the future. The traditional culture of a one size fits all £X a year subscription fee may well become a real obstacle.

Internal measures of how well you're doing are useful but in essence they only compare your organisation with itself. If you really want to know how well (or badly) you're doing – and hence how much room for improvement there is – you need to compare with best practice being achieved by other, similar organisations.

We have a vast amount of benchmarking data that allows us to give our clients an objective picture of how they measure up across a range of criteria. But that's not all. Crucially, the benchmarking exercise helps them to determine realistic strategic and operational goals based on what we know is achievable by other organisations. This provides a fresh, clear picture of the range of opportunities on offer.

We can work with you to establish a pragmatic strategy for both stabilising and growing your membership. This does not mean throwing away all your processes and starting from scratch: we are not in the software business and will not try and sell you a new system, we can help you to do more with what you have.

We provide practical training and coaching in best practice membership processes, techniques, and ways of working for all levels of staff across the entire membership sector. We help to identify individual and collective needs, develop skills and talents, and bring out the best in people.

Our training is practical because it's about how to do it, not a theoretical exercise, and because it's based upon our long experience of delivering real and measurable improvements in membership performance.

We specialise in effective member engagement and our approach to member surveys will provide deeper insight into member thinking. Our proven methodology, developed over a number of years across multiple projects, is based upon a more searching and intuitive dialogue.

We can provide an informed analysis, interpretation and reporting to provide a fresh, clear picture of member attitudes and opinions: developing and delivering empirical knowledge of what members "really want" is day-to-day activity for us, and we offer modest and realistic fees with a sensible return on investment for all our clients.