We specialise in effective member engagement and our approach to member surveys will provide deeper insight into member thinking. Our proven methodology, developed over a number of years across multiple projects, is based upon a more searching and intuitive dialogue.

We can provide an informed analysis, interpretation and reporting to provide a fresh, clear picture of member attitudes and opinions: developing and delivering empirical knowledge of what members "really want" is day-to-day activity for us, and we offer modest and realistic fees with a sensible return on investment for all our clients.

We do not normally offer mass on-line exercises, or the more traditional “member satisfaction surveys”, as we believe that there are better ways of finding the answers and surfacing member value perceptions. We believe it is the views of the less engaged populations that are far more valuable, indeed critical. As with all membership bodies there will be a “passive majority” which is not routinely engaged with, nor respond to traditional survey approaches.

Our experience of carrying out member research and surveys provides clear evidence that feedback from the passive element of membership delivers much higher qualitative results and actually demands less quantitative input than a regular member satisfaction survey. This is based upon our extensive and specific experience with clients across a diverse range of membership sectors, market conditions and challenges.

We also conduct a great deal of research into member and non-member benefit perceptions, benefit value, fee structures, economic and demographic trends etc., on an on-going basis, and already hold a significant amount of data which both support and enhance the results of the projects we carry out.

All of our work, including project management, surveys and market research are conducted by our own highly experienced staff. We do not outsource any of these activities, or employ contractors, as we have all of the necessary skills in-house.

In brief; our preferred approach to a membership surveys comprise a combination of telephone based discussion, on-line contact, and “focus group” type consultations designed to fit the unique profile of your membership. The selected research populations would usually comprise current and recently lapsed members across all categories, grades, ages, length of membership, and geographies.