Most organisations we see still have the same subscription model they've had for years. It boils down to a 'We know what you want – now pay us some money each year' culture. This is usually based on a lengthy catalogue of benefits in return for a set fee. But this is rapidly becoming an outdated way of doing things and could in fact be sabotaging the future. The traditional culture of a one size fits all £X a year subscription fee may well become a real obstacle.

There are plenty of other ways of generating income, including some fairly innovative ones. Some of the more far-sighted chief executives we talk to are adopting these and seeing remarkable results. What's essential is to understand the world your members live in, how they perceive the value of membership, and what it is you can offer that other organisations can't; and then devise a way of charging for your services that fits. How about a one-off affordable membership charge followed by a menu of services that your members can buy as and when they need them?